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02 July 2010 @ 12:42 am
Today my family went to buy shoes. My sister and I needed a new pair of kicks so we decided to go to this place that my mom said had real nice shoes.
It was at a chinese plaza and it had vans, keds, kswiss, nike, adidas, reebok. My eyes didn't know where too look! Too many pretty shoes ;__;
Before y'all think that all the shoes were fake. They were not okay, they even got letters from various companies stating that the store is recognized and that they're products are indeed "100% REAL" as Nike says ^^
They were selling hats too.

They were selling the Philladelphia hats, Boston Soxs, C (something?), LA Dodgers,NY Yankees and Blue Jays. Yeah, I don't really watch baseball.. only know the really famous teams.
I have to admit the Dodgers hat, is sexayyy, even if it's so simple! I have a love and hate relationship with LA. But I will buy that hat one day in the future and sport it once I touch land in LA lol.  

Now, the Blue Jays hat... I can't even... The hats were a piece of shit. srsly i looked at it and was like WTF IS THAT?! and looked back at the sexyness of the dodger's hat OTLOTL! 

disgrace, seriously. 
k end rant ;) 
30 June 2010 @ 05:54 pm
My dad's a bit weird but little kids like LOVE him. Well, I love him too :) Actually, I'm pretty tight with my dad than my mom... which is kinda odd because girls should be closer with their mom's right? I don't know... I used to be real close with her but lately she's been all up in your face, it just ticks me off. My sister and I would be talking about something just for the fun of it and she would go "What? What happened? What does that mean? Explain what it means." BACK THE EFF OFF MOM,  you don't need to know every little thing my sister and I talk about okay? 
I know that little funny things don't matter but then stuff like she's telling something about her friend to me, my mom would want to know. It's not like she can do anything about it and my mom she likes to be all like "omgosh, did you hear about so and so? they're doing blah blah blah!" -rolls eyes- maybe that's why we don't want to tell you everything, mom.

Okay, back to the kids. My mom runs a daycare during the day in our very own house. It's kinda neat and it keeps me sane during moments of stress and frustrations from life. The kids are really cute and although they get a little rowdy and don't listen to you and you need to put them in one corner for a little time out and you have to hear their heart wrenching cries. It's all worth it when their time out time is over and they apologize you and give you hugs :) Since my dad doesn't have a job right now, his days consist of staying at home learning English,a few construction license things and applying for jobs. When he takes a break, he hangs with the kids and his interaction time with them is SO FUNNY.

He sings and dances around the house and the kids just drop dead laughing. I have to admit that I get a kick out of it too! One kid actually called my dad a "chipmunk" a few days back just because he looked like one LOL.
And when we asked this other boy about people in our house he said my dad was simply a "good boy" By the way, he actually called me and my sister "a baby" OH DEARRRRR.

On the other hand, I have a cough right now and it's making my voice all fucked up. So I was looking at pictures online and saw this picture of really cool looking braids.
P: OMG LOOK! HER HAIR! /croaking
P: I know, it's weird right now.
G: I like your voice like this.....
P: What?!
G: It sounds sexy... I hope it stays like this!
P: /scrunches up face /coughs

Well thank you sister. I can't sing... my voice is kinda deep but at the same time not really... IDK and you find it sexy. HGLKHGAK. i don't know how i'm supposed to feel about this lol. edit: I just found out that she likes people's voices when they're sick. LOL. random. that's why she's more than a sister to me♥

TAEYANG'S ALBUM OMFG. I LISTENED TO IT! IT'S SO GOOD. AKGHLAHGLAHSGAK. OMGGGGG. I need to get on my main computer where I have all my pictures and videos and make a playlist for young baeeeeee! <3 I can't wait for the video to come out, sandara park, you are one very lucky girl!

kk, back to reading this G1 manual. I'm at the drinking and driving part and what consequences you can get it... so tedious and long. AISH.

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27 June 2010 @ 11:53 pm
 I really wanted to blog about something since I've just been reminded by someone that I've lost a few years back. I just think it's better to blog about it next year? It will be more meaningful, I guess. 

School's ending. Last day (Half day) tomorrow. I don't really see the point of coming. Each class is shortened to 40 minutes and it's still LONG as ever. Taking up exams takes less than 30 mins and no one really gives a damn anymore. They just want summer to finally start or the PA day (semester 1). To add the fact that no one even shows up lol. AND! We don't even get our report cards on that day! We have to come ANOTHER DAY to pick it. WASTE. OF. TIME.

I have to admit, it's nice to not be in school for the next 2 months. After my last exam... I just left my bag, have my bio notes in it..... but I haven't touched it since. Anyways, I just come because of the attendance thing that my parents get anal about and the fact that I don't want to be at home right now. My parents are getting on my nerves right now. Especially my mom, she just asks questions all the time and it's like stuff you could answer with common sense. Like my aunt called earlier today and she said she would call back since my mom was somewhere else. She came back, I told her that her sister called and she would call back. 15 mins later, SHE ASKS AGAIN. I answer but with a pissed off tone. And she gets mad at me. Not my fault, you weren't listening. 

I could be with friends... but they would be at school too just hanging if not in class. My friend's birthday is coming up and she wants to go to Wonderland. I'm totally down for it but she's kinda disorganized and doesn't know all the details yet. especially ticket prices. I told her to find out about the group prices or something cuz i know tickets there are expensive. I'm not gonna buy a seasons pass because I know I won't go there again unless I have a ride or my friends have some sort of party. I checked a general admission ticket and it's priced at $54.99. I can't afford it. I would ask my dad for money but I don't want to because he's still out of work and he's trying to pass this English test he has to take tomorrow. After he passes, he can be considered for this training program that comes with co-op. So I don't want to bother him. 
I would go to my own bank account and take some money out.. but I'm only limited to $20/month with it... Yeah it sucks... and I only have $30 on hand right now. 
I didn't find a job too.. so can't really yeah. 

okay, gonna head to bed. 
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14 June 2010 @ 05:06 pm
I'm not of drinking age yet but as a family we definitely have talked about it. And had funny convos too. 


*Mom and Grandpa talking about wines.* 
Sister: Mommy, can I drink?
Grandpa: What mommy said!
Sister: When can I start drinking then?
Mom: At 17...
Me: WHAT THE HECK? 17?! ARE YOU SERIOUS? Isn't it 19? (legal drinking age in Canada is 19. I was freaking out just because that means I can drink next year, ROFL.) 
Grandpa: All that matters is that you have permission from your parents. And that you're not over drinking~ 

Lesson: My mom wants my sister, who is younger to screw herself over. Drink at 17. Get caught. And then talk about how she's disappointed in her and stuff later on. Cuz my mom ALWAYS just has to point out our flaws every day. Our body, personality or the classic "why can't you be like ____'s daughter?" Just a theory, lol. 

Uncle (to my dad): Hey, after we drop the ladies off, let's go to LCBO and buy some beer. 
Dad: Uhh... sure... 
Cousin: Yeah, dad, let's go get beer! 
Uncle: *turns around and gives glare* No, you stay here. 
Cousin: Aw come on dad! I'm legal here! (I told him how you can drink if your 19 over here...) 

Later that night... 
Cousin: So did you get beer, uncle? 
Dad: No, the store was closed when we got there. 
Uncle: I think they very strict about who gets to buy beer.. blah blah *rants away* 

My dad is a weak drinker... so he doesn't really drink at weddings and stuff. But yeah, my uncle drinks a lot. I remember coming home an hour after their arrival from LA and I see him at the dining room table drinking wine chatting away with my dad and a close family friend. And then when he went to Quebec, he bought a bottle of wine to bring back to LA. I remember going to Niagara Falls one weekend they were here, we went to this grapevine and you could buy wine and stuff. Canada is known for its ice wine so when he had a sample, he was like "Wow, I need to buy a bottle!" His sons drank too.. just because they CAN over here and not in the USA. Then, a few days later after coming back from Quebec, they went to my grandpa's house and my uncle asked if my grandpa had a bottle of ice wine. My grandpa replied with "Oh, you ask for the good stuff, huh!?" He got his bottle of ice win to bring back anyways. 

OMGOSH. I remember him telling me that he likes to collect wine or something. Explains his whole venture on buying wine and trying to buy a case of beer. LOL. Don't ask my dad that, he's really inexperienced with it. My mom too, she drinks wine more. But if there's beer at some party/BBQ, she will drink it. She just doesn't buy it. 
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06 June 2010 @ 03:16 pm
This year in church I'm an usher and a vocalist in Band 4 aka The Renegades. 
I liked singing. I auditioned last year to be apart of the band that leads worship at our youth service. I got chosen to replace one of the vocalists that was graduating. Okay yeah, so I go to my first practice. It was fine. Then a few practices after... I don't know, it seemed as if the other vocalists were pissed at me just because I couldn't harmonize. So they would help me out... but they would just give tips. They didn't really teach me HOW to harmonize. I'm not really sure how vocal lessons work... I don't know if they expect you to know how to harmonize and all.. 
Anyways, so at the end of every practice we would pray and pack all the equipment up. The band counselor would come to me and tell me to practice, listen to the song a few times and sing a long to it. So that's what I would do. 

This year is almost ending and every year they hold auditions to find replacements on the grade 12's who would be leaving for school/work. 
Last month, all of us got an email from our band counselor saying that she wants us to consider our commitment to band 4. And left us 3 questions which were about what God's gifts to us were, if we wanted to try something else and if we had the time to be apart of this band next year. I felt like this email was directed TOWARDS me since ever since I joined band... there would be something wrong with my throat. My throat would feel sore at times. My voice would sound really low whenever I try to talk. I have no idea what's wrong with me but it's definitely affecting my vocals. So in a way, my "talent" has a "negative" value right now. I forgot to respond to the email because I was too busy at the time to write a reply to it. 

We got another email in regards to this same matter. And it was like "I`d like to know the re commitment of all of you (minus the grade 12's). Please re-read my email below and SERIOUSLY consider your gifting and time commitment. The original deadline was May 16th and no one emailed me back." I read this and I felt as if she EXPECTED me to quit. Way to bring up my esteem, band counselor AND youth pastor, WAY TO GO. So I told my sister about it and she just shook her head and was like "you're being way too paranoid right now, maybe she's just making sure that none of you want to drop out halfway next year and there would be no one to replace you" I was like "whatever, I've got time to think it out and decide" 
So, yesterday my whole family went to this other church and it was an Indonesian pastor speaking about servanthood and the difficulties of it. I didn't really understand it because my Indo is rough, I only understood the jokes the pastor told because the words he used were words that I was used to hearing all the time from Indonesia and at home around my parents. Today, at breakfast, we were talking about was he preached about last night and my mom asked me if I understood the sermon last night... I replied "I just knew he was talking about servanthood" So she starts explaining all of it. 

She said that being a servant of God=serving others at church is difficult because there is always someone higher than you that's giving you instructions. She says that it's gonna be hard because someone is always going to criticize you for your best efforts. She says if you want to be a servant, all that matters is that you love what you do and that you know who you're doing it for. Many people who serve God are so keen on the feedback of other humans, they don't care what God thinks. I've always known this and tried my best to make sure that when I serve God, all the glory goes to Him and not me. I love singing. I thought being apart of a worship band would be good because I would be doing something I love and serving God at the same time. It just gets to me when every time we have practice, other vocalists would get mad at me for getting the note wrong. I know that they want their service to be the best and I know that what they do, it's for God. But they want what they do for God to be of good quality. I completely agree to this, it just seems I can't comply to it because of my voice.

Bear in mind that my mom knew nothing about how I was fighting with my heart on whether or not I should stay in band next year or just write a reply and say I won't be coming back again. I prayed to God yesterday asking him to tell me someway if I should quit or not. And then my mom told me that this morning. I prayed again today before going on the computer about this matter and tears started to come out. I thought that, that was a sign of that no matter what they're gonna say, I'm gonna stick it out and prove them wrong. That I will work my ass off and learn to harmonize. That I will be on time for rehearsals. But when I logged onto my email I got another email saying

"Bump! I shouldn't have to remind you guys so much!" Can you see that it sounds like she expects someone to tell her they want to stop this ministry? I saw this and I felt heartbroken and that I should quit. If they want me to quit so much, I'm gonna do it. There's a time and place for everything and maybe the time for this ministry is not right now. I can always do it again for the English congregation later on. And if I don't, at least I know that this is not part of God's plan for me.  

I've wrote my resignation letter, sent it to my youth pastor. Even right now, I'm not singing and my throat feels weird. I'm so confused. I don't know if I made the wrong choice or not because after what my mom told me, after what she's been through with different ministries herself. She was apart of many ministries and she would get criticized for her work but she would always pull through and show others that they were wrong and just underestimating her. 
I told my sister that I wouldn't quit and that I would prepare myself mentally for the dirty looks, the comments but after seeing that email.. that just broke my heart. They were EXPECTING someone to quit. If not the grade 12's who would definitely stop leading worship since August would be their last month leading worship. It has to be me since all the other band members are good with their instrument or that they are in the music-vocal program at UHS. 

My sister has always pointed out that I should smile when it's our band's turn to lead worship. I try to smile but at the same time I can't when I have to be real careful and not mess up. I do that and its like i get a "try harder" I don't remember a time that I didn't enjoy singing until now. I should serve something that I enjoy no matter if people don't like it or not right? To be honest, I enjoy singing with my friends or when I'm with myself but whenever I have to sing with them, I don't glow, I don't have fun, I feel as if I'm being judged every time I lead worship with the band.
I know that my friends will ask me when I don't sing anymore. I know that my parents will ask why I don't ask them to drive me an hour earlier for rehearsals or  why I dont tell them that I have practice after church. I'm willing to go through that public scrutiny of "why has she quit" stuff and find a ministry that I will enjoy doing no matter what people tell me. 

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03 June 2010 @ 09:12 pm
so, these past two days have been kinda a whirlwind if you are in the world of kpop.  
I am a member in 2ONEDAY- 2AM/2PM's International Forum and there's a lot of drama happening on that site but I think this one has to be the biggest one thus far. 
I'm not sure which side started it but I came onto twitter and people who I followed were like "OMG. KBUMTISTS ARE ASKING 2OD TO DELETE THE CONFERENCE VIDEO BLAH BLAH BLAH STUFF" At first, I didn't really care cuz although I never watched the full 4 hours of the conference. I know the basic premises for it and how the nicknames of thieves and organisms it all came from there. Sure you could say that I just picked them up from people asking countless times on where those came from but I did my own research too okay? I read a transcript on allkpop's site and halfway through I just said "What's the point in reading this anyways? The fandom is already broken, why even bother read it and make me more sad?" 

Then I dug some more and whoah wtf. They started accusing 2OD of being pro7 (which is true, right up to the announcement that Park Jaebum would officially never come back to 2PM/ONEDAY/JYPE) But now, 2OD is anti5, anti6, whatever the hell you want it to be called + 2AM + Jay. It's really obvious you can really tell that that site does not like 5PM/6PM. You can tell on how they title the translated articles. You can tell on how the people comment on the newspaper translated articles. It's all filled with sarcasm. If you have enough posts on the site and peep into the 2OD shoutbox, it's really quiet. It used to be really full and joyous all the time. I'm sometimes in there on somedays and it's like I'm talking to a wall. There are some moments when sbox is more alive like when the DJ is dj-ing the radio or there's some random sbox reunion told on twitter and we all flock over there.  

And the translating articles of 2PM. There are members on the site who are still supporters of 2PM. So the translators go on various Korean news site, music chart site, search engines, scouring for articles to translate- anything in relation to 2am, 2pm and Jay. It's not their fault that most of the news they find is mostly on 2PM because we all know that JYPE is doing anything to bring up 2PM's name however they can. It's all for media play. Is it our fault that 2AM is still underrated even with the MANY shows they are apart of, the world cup song they did, their new album, their CFs. Is it our fault that Jay has youtube and twitter- mediums that are more easily accessible to international fans that we don't need to wonder what's up with Jay. We just check his youtube page/twitter page and see his recent tweet/bulletin/video. 

And the tone of the translating. Their tone is neutral. And translators STILL GET HEAT for translating with a "jay bias". Members sent complaints to mods/admins/staffs EVERYDAY stating that so and so are bashing 2PM and they question why a site called 2ONEDAY meant for both 2pm and 2am, why there is so much hate towards 2pm! That's why they keep a neutral tone in translating. I also know for a fact that most of the translators are anti2pm. Especially the "ninjas" they don't like 2pm in anyway. They just do their job which is translating. The admins and staffs certainly only like Jay. I know one quit being a staff right after the conference and comes back occasionally to talk to people in sbox. 

Anyways back to the video. So the 7(?) part video was flagged down and commented to be taken down. The main translator aka one of the ninjas aka Jenny asked the kbumtists why it should be deleted and what parts they needed to be fixed. The KFans wouldn't have it any other way and they just wanted to delete it. Okay, so they deleted because if they didn't comply with their wishes, it would be hard for them to do projects with the different korean forums in the future. It was very hard for them because they spent so much time on it. I think they even retimed the video another time before it was officially gone on youtube to make sure nothing was actually wrong. So after that, you would think it's done right? But no, they want 2OD to delete every article related to 2PM and make it strictly a 2am and jay forum. I WAS LIKE WHOAH. BACK UP RIGHT THERE HOMIE. 

The site does respect the korean fans very highly. But we have our own ways of doing things okay. The site has a section entirely dedicated to Jay only. That section has a SPECIAL layout of a fully decked out Jay on the header. That layout was the main layout for about 2 months just when we knew Jay would never come back and it was an homage for what Jay did as a leader in 2PM. 2OD staff/admins/creative group(LOVE2AD) got a lot of hate for having that layout since it was a 2AM forum too. I don't think translators WANT to translate 2PM articles, but they do so because some members of 2OD still support 2PM. We still give bday gifts to 2PM because of them. We are basically catering to them because they STILL LIKE THEM AFTER THIS WHOLE THING. If you look at comparison to Wooyoung's bday project to Jay's bday project, you COULD tell RIGHT AWAY that more money and thought was spent on Jay's bday project. The gifts, the bday competition videos, the Teddy Bear project, etc, etc. 

What I'm trying to say is that, 2OD may seem like a pro7 site but we're not. We have to deal with the 2pm translated articles because there are people there who still like the present 2pm. You need to actually know what's going there. I suggest that you read a few articles. Read the comments and see what they write. Most of them are full of sarcasm, very little are positive/praising 2PM itself. I know that MANY members who still like 2PM choose not to go to 2OD because of the situation (how you can tell 2OD does not like 2pm even if it is a ONEDAY site) and they have moved to W2D. We can't just strip away 2PM completely just because after the whole conference. It's not as easy as how it is over there. We, international fans have no where to go to. It's only 2OD or W2D. You guys on the other hand, have multiple 2PM fancafes, individual member sites. We have none of that. 

I know this is a war. I may not know Jenny/Ivy/Belle/Yana/any of the translators who were affected or got offended by this on a close personal level like some of the friends I made over 2OD. I will back 2OD no matter how long it takes for you to understand it. You can't bring it down. This site has been up and running for 2 years. Although the founder doesn't come on often, she chose GREAT people that maintain it and please everyone's needs to the best of their abilities. (Can't you see that 2OD, no matter what they do, they're gonna get bashed? If they change the name=bashed. If they only send gifts to jay and 2am=bashed, stop translating 2pm articles=bashed, send 2pm and 2am bday gifts=bashed; either way they get bashed from both the people who like 2pm still and the people who want the best for Jay. We want the best for Jay too, DON'T YOU EVER GET THAT WRONG. We were there for him ever since Sept 4, 2009 until now.) 

I read that there will soon be korean tutorials on how to sign up on 2od and that they will try to destroy. BRING IT ON. BRING IT ON. I need some enlightenment in my life anyways. LOL. Summer is coming up too. I WILL BE SO DARN AMUSED. SEE YOU IN SBOX OKAY. OMFG. SBOX IS GONNA BE LIVEEEEE. CANNOT WAITTT. Or I can just lurk on the intro thread and see you all there. 

Another thing that pissed me off, Kfans don`t appreciate Ifans. ARE YOU KIDDING YOURSELVES. I heard that you guys didn't even bother to see if the translations were actually right and just went like "YAH, DELETE IT NOW. WE'RE GETTING A STUDENT WHO STUDIES OVERSEAS TO RETRANSLATE. SO DELETE IT. NAO. NAO. NAO. DELETE IT NAO. I'M HITLER. YOU WILL LISTEN TO ME." UHM. NO. 
Oversea student? I haven't met many who are Korean. I know that all of them are smart, esp. in math and that they all work hard. Do they have a good grasp in the English language? That I'm not quite sure. I remember one brother of a kpop star actually bashed on how korean overseas students don't even know English. I find that partial true. Not in Korean ones per se. But I do see it sometimes in other races. They get good marks in class but can't pronounce stuff to save their lives if they went to USA or London or Australia. Canada understands because we know that you might be facing culture shock and we accommodate this for you. There are free ESL programs, street signs in downtown are in chinese now. Major stores such as Walmart have Chinese underneath signs making it easier for newcomers to navigate throughout the store. 
So don't you pity us for our efforts. I know that the subbing/translating team is pretty kick ass in what they do. We have a translator for I think any language. Although Korean ones are always in demand, we have translators who know mandarin, cantonese, thai...  
I just thought of this... Do I see YOU helping out gyopos? NO. Do I see you helping out english teachers who are not korean, who do not know korean? NO. you simply just ignore them and talk about how you dislike anything except your own. I get how you are prideful of your culture. Every culture/race is. But it would be nice if you just don't ignore foreigners... or act shocked if you see a black person in korea. it's 2010 people not the middle ages. Oh yeah, and then you come to some western country and someone treats you badly and you talk smack about that country. SOMETHING CALLED KARMA'S A BITCH. 

I know that the concept of international fans seem foreign to you but trust us, we got it. Jay is debuting in the US market soon. He's gonna need us. You can't just do this to us, if you really do ruin us, you'll make many of us turn against his back and you know what happens? His attempt at this might be jeopardized. I sometimes think that it's not JYPE's fault that 2pm became broken. I sometimes think it's the fans themselves. Look okay, many people HATED Jay for what he said on his myspace. A lot of hate was aimed towards him in a matter of hours. Death petitions, telling him to go back to USA. So he does and then all of you start crying and sympathizing for him. And now, why do you choose to bring this matter up ONLY NOW? Why not in March? or April? but JUNE?! He's coming back to Seoul in a matter of days and you're making it difficult for him too. Because you're re translating it and releasing it where? Some Korean video sharing site? Very little people out of Korea will prolly even know what those sites are called, let alone check it. So what, Youtube? k yeah, youtube it'll be one of the recent videos. BRINGING THE WHOLE DAMN THING AGAIN AND RISKING HIS FUTURE. 

ps: 2OD'S translated audio thing didn't even have that many views. So why are you making such a big deal out of it. 
pps: another thing. I know that Koreans are very big on doing damage control. Like the type of "if you can't see it, if it's not talked about, it's not there or it never happened" Well, you're wrong. No matter what, if you deleted it and translated to make it sound more positive (stupidest reason ever) It still happened. You can't say that it never happened just because it's off youtube. There is evidence. He's not in 2PM anymore. The articles released from September until now mention his myspace scandal, sometimes. I think that Jay learned a lot from this. And that from this became a stronger person. People learn from their mistakes. Some of them need constant reminders to prevent them from falling back. This conference.This scandal. Is just one of them. Look at Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, they've fell before. Britney is okay while Lohan is still working at it. They've accpeted and embraced what they did. Miley Cyrus. She's young, makes many mistakes but that's how kids learn. 

UPDATE JUNE 5, 2010 
Whoever tweeted/commented on Jay's youtube page to fix this up. GROW UP. 
This is not his problem. It's 2od's vs. kbumtists adn jaypark.net. 
It's OUR problem. Let US fix this up. He doesn't need to be a frigging referee for every problem there is in this fandom. 
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27 May 2010 @ 11:42 pm
are douche bags. well at least certain ones.
Like the ones that I had to face with while walking home from school with a few friends.

We were just minding our own business when my best friend tells me quietly "I really dislike the people that are walking behind us right now" I told her.. "I don't know who your talking about and I'm not gonna bother turning around to see who it is." 
She says, " I remember their voices" Kay yes, a little creepy.. 
but I just asked "Who is it?" "D____" 
So we just talk about random things. 
And we hear the people behind us calling her name... 
I was like "Why on earth are they calling her name?" 
My friend just kept quiet. 

Then we saw our other friends and joined them. They were still behind us at this point. 
They still keep on saying her name and a few moments later they started making gagging noises. 
At this point, I was like WTF is wrong with those people. I haven't turned around yet. 
So this person around us says something like " I don't wanna be here" and another person says "Goodluck, yo, goodluck" 
And this boy, goes to the grass and walks ahead of us. That boy is in our bio class. I don't know if he was the one that said my friend's name or the gagging noises. 
But then my friend started telling us all these things that the boys do. 
And I was like... "Oh, T___? I had math with him. T___ and C____ always made fun of this kid in my math class" 
She was like "Yeah, well they're together again in my chem class." 
"OH DEAR..." 
"Yeah. T__ made it so obvious that he didn't want me in his titration group. He was like coughing when he had to mention my name. I was like 'wtf is wrong with you, i can hear you yelling this across the room!'" 
Then she started telling me how D____ practically hates her too. Talking about her badly in Canto during work time at English class and she UNDERSTANDS that language. And when they had to work in stations, and a station would be at her desk. He would purposely say OUTLOUD "OMG. IT'S HER CHAIR. I CANT SIT ON IT OMG" 

I never really liked D___. He seemed really cocky. I hate cocky people. I have this intuition... idk. When I see a person, I can see by the way they walk and the way they look around their atmosphere, if they are nice or cocky. 
But then T____ I thought he was just like that with C___  to seem cool because C____ is cocky asshole that thinks he's the best shit around. So good in math and science oh, and you didn't know, very good at sports. Please. I do not give a crap about you. 

Sure, I used to have a crush on you but once you got together with someone that I was once close to. I backed off. I don't get it. Was my friendship with my friend broken up because of you? Because we were pretty close friends. We say "hi" every now and then but I know it's not the same as it was before. I'm really disappointed with my friend now because she could do SOOO much better. I thought she changed you because when I'm around you two, you seemed like the sweet guy that I liked... but once you guys are separated, your potty mouth comes out, spilling out swear words, insults. Ugh. 

And D____, I have to admit, I liked him too before but that went away because I realized that you were really not worth it. I see you dating all these girls at elementary school, breaking up with them in less than a month and then getting back together. I'm glad that your recent relationship, failed, because that girl doesn't deserved to be attached with you. Seriously. 

It might seem that I really hate these boys just because I used to have crushes on them and that they didn't date me. 
But really it's not. They are making fun of my friend. My best friend. The first friend that I made when I first moved to this area and we're still close. We've been best friends for 6 years now. You mess with my friend, I will not like you. I may not tell you upfront that I don't like you because I don't have the balls to do that. 

I know what you're going to say next, how is that standing up for your friend? I can't really do much. I'm not quick with words. I sound better when it's typed out... but if it's directly and I'm there. I WILL do something about it. 
I just hope that these 3 boys will have fun making fun of us nerds. Cuz yes, me and my friends we're nerds awesome! 
You've heard it before "The ones who are nerdy and were loners in high school are always the ones who end up looking more beautiful/handsome making more money than the popular ones" 
but srsly. they are a bunch of immature douche bags. I wish Chuck Norris were still alive to punch the bajeebers outta them. 

I wanted to blog about something that actually is pretty funny but I just had to get this off my chest. 
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19 May 2010 @ 05:37 pm
The MV for David Choi's "That Girl" came out yesterday.
Due to time differences, I just got to see it a few hours ago.
The images, stop motion and the way Wesley Chan got to make the photos fly so beautifully boggles my mind.
The song is really nice too.
And Julia Chang is pretty!

The ones we love tend to stay in our hearts and minds long after the relationship ends. While some move on quickly, others dwell and heal at a slower pace. Whatever the case, the thoughts, emotions and memories we experience during this time are heartwrenchingly powerful and real.
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18 May 2010 @ 06:44 pm
ever heard of that phrase that a author's best works is usually when their high off something?
At first I didn't really care... because as long as it's not the stuff that I liked... I didn't care.
For example, my friend said the author of "Brave New World" was on some drug while he/she was writing the book.
The author of "Alice in Wonderland" was drunk, I think when he wrote it...
I've never read, watched any "Alice" movies. Yes, you heard right. Never have I watched ANY Alice movie. Not even the Disney ones okay.
Let alone the one that just came out recently.

Then on Monday. My chemistry teacher was surfing the net on his laptop while the class was doing work...
All of the sudden he just said "WOWWWW. Rober Munsch is a crack addict!"
The students were like "WHOAH. WHUTTTTT. MY CHILDHOODDDDDD!"
I loved reading his books so much. When I had my first reading buddy at school, I would always read Robert Munsch books to him/her and then Arthur. LOL.

Oh, wow. He's more than a crack addict... Wiki says in 2005, he talked about his bipolar disorder and now he's diagnosed as manic-depressive, OCD and a recovering cocaine addict and alcholic... WOWWWWW. I still love his stories no doubt. When I have kids, I'm gonna make sure that I read his books to them "The Paper Bag Princess" and "Murmel Murmel Murmel" and "50 Below Zero" and his other great works :)

I JUST read how Winnie the Pooh was "based on psychological problems"
I was like. what in the world are you talking about?! I love pooh. He's insecure that's why he's my favourite :) Just like me!
The person then starts listing all the problems each person has.
Pooh has an eating disorder... kay.. i'm kinda okay with that. as long as he's not starving himself but eating a bunch of honey. it's all good :)
Piglet, another favourite, has an anxiety disorder.
Eeyore has depression. This one makes sense. But I love Eeyore too <3 
Rabbit has OCD. This one actually makes sense.  
And get ready for it. 
Christopher Robin has schizophrenia... WTF. WTF WTF. I didn't pick this up. 
Is this telling me that... Christopher.. just saw all of this in his imagnation?! Poor him. But I've known others who are schizophrenic and their images are very terrifying. At least what he sees is more nice? 

My only hope is Arthur now. 
I've always loved Arthur. the books, the show. 
I still watch the show sometimes when I catch it on TV. LOL. 
It's a great show :) 
So Marc Brown, don't dissapoint me okay? 

in other news! 
Today is May 18th. A pretty good day :) School was pretty lax. 
I went to apply for another store and handed back my application at the store I went yesterday. 
I hope they give me an interview at least! 
Also. in Seattle, it's JR Celski Day. I'm so butthurt at the fact that I have missed yet ANOTHER opportunity to meet him ;_________; 
Nonetheless, I wish everyone a Happy JR Day! :D 
In like 3 hours... David Choi's music video, directed by Wong Fu Productions is coming outttttt! WOOT WOOT. 
Neil Patrick Harris is starring. ahaha. I remember watching him on "Malcolm in the Middle" 
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