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23 February 2011 @ 09:40 pm

-french class was really funny today, lots of funny and creepy stories
-guy: I look good in a suit... girl: you looked ugly at DECA... guy: well my mom says I look good >> LOL BURN.
-girl: xxxx cannot run in the halls because xxxx fails at turning sharp corners
-we just pick on this one guy in class because he always makes fun of others and always goes "that's what she said" every time he says that, his face has this expression of satisfaction. so weird lol
-teacher: I like that girl...in that movie... student: she's gonna say jessica alba. teacher: no, she does this /does something weird/ she's from xmen! student: I still think its jessica alba? teacher: yeah! student: that's fantastic 4, madame. teacher: wait... she's from xmen? student: halle barry? teacher: YEAH THAT'S THE ONE! student: that's catwoman!!!!
-student: On the wknd, I went to the movies to watch I Am Number Four. teacher: OMG. WAS IT GOOD? student: Yeah, the guy was so hot. teacher: I agree! How old is he? student: like 22 or 23? teacher: pshhhh. forget about that. /looks him up on laptop student: omg isn't he hottttt. teacher: ew no! that's not the guy. search up hayden... what's his name? student: HAYDEN CHRISTANSSEN (or however you spell his name idc) teacher: how old is he? student: whoah he's 29. SO OLDDDDD teacher: ohhhhh I'm gonna kill youuuuu HOW CAN U SAY 29 IS OLD? THEN WHAT AM I?
-creepy old teachers in elementary school LOL. the impersonations were so funny I actually wanna see the real person do it tho LMFAO

yeah that's all I can rmb from that class.
too much laughter and craziness that you forget.
OH. My teacher doesn't know who David Beckham is /facepalm/ You like good looking men and YOU DO NOT KNOW WHO BECKHAM IS?!?! HOW DO U EVEN DO THAT YO.
we got onto that topic b/c teacher mentioned the king's speech and this student was like omg I so love the prince... william? I like know everything about them even kate middleton! oh beckham is going to the wedding. so weird how they didn't invite obama.
student 2: why do they need to invite obama... student: cuz he's a world leader!!!! student 3: he don't play soccer that's why he got no invitation! teacher: obama's body is built! I saw pics of him on the beach and I was like whoahhh. same thing with michelle >> HHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA omg.

it's weird cuz she started out class with "Let me ask you guys a question in English. Does time exist?
And we got into a huge debate over it like how telling time is just a human invention but the rest of the universe doesn't have time like us. In my head I'm just like then why do we need to learn the past tense? le futur simple? le futur anterieur? futur proche? HUH MADAME HUH?!
yeah, our class can go from serious to hilarious instantly :) 

english... I had to do an in class test on lit crit... I was about to cry yo since I didn't know what the story/poem was talking about and I didn't start on my outline until the last 20 mins of class since it finally clicked into my head what it was talking about LOL. round 2 tomorrowwwwww! I hope it goes well. I hope I'll be able to finish the essay in an hour. :S