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24 January 2011 @ 02:00 am
bio exam in 6 hrs 55 mins  
 So, I was in my room earlier tonight and our neighbour came to our house to talk to my mom. 
They were talking in cantonese, so I didn't know what they were talking about. Even if they were talking in mandarin, my comprehension would be limited since I'm still learning it at the moment. 

I do know that the family is facing many struggles. The wife got laid off a few weeks ago. The husband also got laid off from his job 2 or 3 weeks ago. They have two kids. One in 8th grade and the other who's 2 years old. The husband is going to go back to China soon, bring the 2 year old with him so his grandparents could take of him while he finds a job back in Canada.

I guess (ok, not guess, I heard my dad ask my mom what they were talking about) she came over because she found a temporary job and she was asking my mom if she could let the youngest child stay at our house on the days she was going to work. My mom wants to help her but can't because her daycare is under a franchise and it has specific regulations as to how many children under a certain age can go to our house in one day. My mom's daycare is at it's maximum capacity and her supervisor is scheduled this week to come at our house to do monthly visits. 

After that, they talked about other things... which I'm not sure of yet. I think she was talking about the hardships she faced ever since she moved to Canada and my mom shared some of our stories with her as well. Although I didn't understand what she said, I could hear the frustration and pain she had in her voice. 

It just made me realized that for every immigrant family that moves out of their home country... it took them a lot of guts to do it. 
They're leaving the comfort of their relatively good careers, immediate family and just the basic comfort of knowing the ins and outs of the city, the language, the owners of a store that we normally go to. It makes me think, if I would ever do that in the future. You know, after I'm done with school, would I just leave my family behind and go to a country that I don't really know what to expect and build my future there? I mean... I've always wanted to travel the world. I'm actually thinking of spending a year in Korea to teach English. Thinking and doing are 2 completely different things. I'm just wondering right now, if I would have the balls to actually do it. Part of me wants to, to experience something different, to know what it feels to live by yourself, to not have my parents nag me to study and eat my fruits, since the idea of living away from home... I won't get to experience that in the next 4 years because I'm going to a university downtown and I can just commute. 
But part of me is scared that I can't be able to do it. Because I don't know the language... and there never seems to be spare time where I can just learn Korean. The process to do everything is SO different, or so I hear. 

So, I don't know. 
K, I have to get back to studying. Wasted a whole 45 mins when I could be reviewing my notes. YIKES!