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15 November 2010 @ 10:04 pm
you are so shady.
at first, I thought you were cool and all but damnnnn. you are messed up in the head.
how could you even treat a relative of yours that way?
making the person feel worthless and basically losing her trust in you. her family.
you don't even help her in anyway after.
you just keep your distance from her... as if you guys don't even know each other.

not only that, just because some people care for her you gotta assume, make up stories and use somebody else's name to trash around? come on man, you are like 50something why don't you take care of your family first before you question others, specifically mine's. I mean, I know for a fact that your daughter is screwing around with men before she's married. yeah, tell me how's that right, huh?

funniest thing is that you wanted to fight him. LMAOOOOO, are you serious dude? you know him right? you guys were best buddies. first, he's bigger than you. second, he can finish you off with his knowledge of kung fu and pressure points.

don't play around with him. don't test his patience. you best be glad that nothing happened to your ass. Even with the things you've done to him before. He could have done real damage to you. You best be glad that there were bystanders willing to hold him up and calm him down.

and if you're so confident in what you claim is the truth, why you gotta hide in your car after the confrontation?

so soft.
so pathetic.