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27 September 2010 @ 02:20 pm
those days  

"Nah. If we ask Jenna, we'll have to watch Mary Poppins," I say. It isn't nice, but I'm not feeling nice. I have this bone deep ticked-offness, like those days when no clothes look right and your jeans are too tight, and you feel so negative you know yuo're going to end up working in a 7-Eleven the rest of your life, with only an occasionally robbery to look forward to for excitement." The Nature of Jade by Deb Caletti

This happens to me so many times... I can't even count how many times anymore.
I'm just pissed for no apparent reason. I get mad at everyone. Sarcasm is my best friend and I make snarky comments like no tomorrow.

And it's more than just about the future... it can just be about like idk.. what someone said to me... or that I failed a test and it just sets the tone for the rest of the day. After that, I just start thinking about the future, thus the 7-Eleven part.

All of this is true except the robbing a bank part LOL. I'm not capable of doing that. Even if I was apart of something like this... I would just freak out myself and give in to the police...

On that note, sorry I haven't been updating. Sorry I haven't been able to blog about things I've wanted to blog since last May. Too busy catching up with shows, kpop, trying to get a job and etc, etc. Also, school has started. 3rd week this Wednesday... starting to get busy. this week I have a accounting test tomorrow and a math test on wednesday. oh my ISP outline is due today @11:59PM. I'm also trying to be on more after school clubs... haven't committed a club ever since grade 9 ended because of co-op and stuff. I'm also NOT trying to sleep too late... it's working well so far. Slept at midnight only like once ROFL. I hope I can keep this up until the end of June.

Oh, did anyone watch amazing race last night? I missed the first hour... and I think I'm going to miss at least 30 mins or something since I have mandarin classes that time... Regardless, rooting for TEAM JUMBA!!!!

Ok, I'm gonna end this and catch up on my math homework/study for accounting