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30 June 2010 @ 05:54 pm
dad + random things  
My dad's a bit weird but little kids like LOVE him. Well, I love him too :) Actually, I'm pretty tight with my dad than my mom... which is kinda odd because girls should be closer with their mom's right? I don't know... I used to be real close with her but lately she's been all up in your face, it just ticks me off. My sister and I would be talking about something just for the fun of it and she would go "What? What happened? What does that mean? Explain what it means." BACK THE EFF OFF MOM,  you don't need to know every little thing my sister and I talk about okay? 
I know that little funny things don't matter but then stuff like she's telling something about her friend to me, my mom would want to know. It's not like she can do anything about it and my mom she likes to be all like "omgosh, did you hear about so and so? they're doing blah blah blah!" -rolls eyes- maybe that's why we don't want to tell you everything, mom.

Okay, back to the kids. My mom runs a daycare during the day in our very own house. It's kinda neat and it keeps me sane during moments of stress and frustrations from life. The kids are really cute and although they get a little rowdy and don't listen to you and you need to put them in one corner for a little time out and you have to hear their heart wrenching cries. It's all worth it when their time out time is over and they apologize you and give you hugs :) Since my dad doesn't have a job right now, his days consist of staying at home learning English,a few construction license things and applying for jobs. When he takes a break, he hangs with the kids and his interaction time with them is SO FUNNY.

He sings and dances around the house and the kids just drop dead laughing. I have to admit that I get a kick out of it too! One kid actually called my dad a "chipmunk" a few days back just because he looked like one LOL.
And when we asked this other boy about people in our house he said my dad was simply a "good boy" By the way, he actually called me and my sister "a baby" OH DEARRRRR.

On the other hand, I have a cough right now and it's making my voice all fucked up. So I was looking at pictures online and saw this picture of really cool looking braids.
P: OMG LOOK! HER HAIR! /croaking
P: I know, it's weird right now.
G: I like your voice like this.....
P: What?!
G: It sounds sexy... I hope it stays like this!
P: /scrunches up face /coughs

Well thank you sister. I can't sing... my voice is kinda deep but at the same time not really... IDK and you find it sexy. HGLKHGAK. i don't know how i'm supposed to feel about this lol. edit: I just found out that she likes people's voices when they're sick. LOL. random. that's why she's more than a sister to me♥

TAEYANG'S ALBUM OMFG. I LISTENED TO IT! IT'S SO GOOD. AKGHLAHGLAHSGAK. OMGGGGG. I need to get on my main computer where I have all my pictures and videos and make a playlist for young baeeeeee! <3 I can't wait for the video to come out, sandara park, you are one very lucky girl!

kk, back to reading this G1 manual. I'm at the drinking and driving part and what consequences you can get it... so tedious and long. AISH.

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