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14 June 2010 @ 05:06 pm
I'm not of drinking age yet but as a family we definitely have talked about it. And had funny convos too. 


*Mom and Grandpa talking about wines.* 
Sister: Mommy, can I drink?
Grandpa: What mommy said!
Sister: When can I start drinking then?
Mom: At 17...
Me: WHAT THE HECK? 17?! ARE YOU SERIOUS? Isn't it 19? (legal drinking age in Canada is 19. I was freaking out just because that means I can drink next year, ROFL.) 
Grandpa: All that matters is that you have permission from your parents. And that you're not over drinking~ 

Lesson: My mom wants my sister, who is younger to screw herself over. Drink at 17. Get caught. And then talk about how she's disappointed in her and stuff later on. Cuz my mom ALWAYS just has to point out our flaws every day. Our body, personality or the classic "why can't you be like ____'s daughter?" Just a theory, lol. 

Uncle (to my dad): Hey, after we drop the ladies off, let's go to LCBO and buy some beer. 
Dad: Uhh... sure... 
Cousin: Yeah, dad, let's go get beer! 
Uncle: *turns around and gives glare* No, you stay here. 
Cousin: Aw come on dad! I'm legal here! (I told him how you can drink if your 19 over here...) 

Later that night... 
Cousin: So did you get beer, uncle? 
Dad: No, the store was closed when we got there. 
Uncle: I think they very strict about who gets to buy beer.. blah blah *rants away* 

My dad is a weak drinker... so he doesn't really drink at weddings and stuff. But yeah, my uncle drinks a lot. I remember coming home an hour after their arrival from LA and I see him at the dining room table drinking wine chatting away with my dad and a close family friend. And then when he went to Quebec, he bought a bottle of wine to bring back to LA. I remember going to Niagara Falls one weekend they were here, we went to this grapevine and you could buy wine and stuff. Canada is known for its ice wine so when he had a sample, he was like "Wow, I need to buy a bottle!" His sons drank too.. just because they CAN over here and not in the USA. Then, a few days later after coming back from Quebec, they went to my grandpa's house and my uncle asked if my grandpa had a bottle of ice wine. My grandpa replied with "Oh, you ask for the good stuff, huh!?" He got his bottle of ice win to bring back anyways. 

OMGOSH. I remember him telling me that he likes to collect wine or something. Explains his whole venture on buying wine and trying to buy a case of beer. LOL. Don't ask my dad that, he's really inexperienced with it. My mom too, she drinks wine more. But if there's beer at some party/BBQ, she will drink it. She just doesn't buy it. 
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