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03 June 2010 @ 09:12 pm
fighttt! (rant that makes no sense)  
so, these past two days have been kinda a whirlwind if you are in the world of kpop.  
I am a member in 2ONEDAY- 2AM/2PM's International Forum and there's a lot of drama happening on that site but I think this one has to be the biggest one thus far. 
I'm not sure which side started it but I came onto twitter and people who I followed were like "OMG. KBUMTISTS ARE ASKING 2OD TO DELETE THE CONFERENCE VIDEO BLAH BLAH BLAH STUFF" At first, I didn't really care cuz although I never watched the full 4 hours of the conference. I know the basic premises for it and how the nicknames of thieves and organisms it all came from there. Sure you could say that I just picked them up from people asking countless times on where those came from but I did my own research too okay? I read a transcript on allkpop's site and halfway through I just said "What's the point in reading this anyways? The fandom is already broken, why even bother read it and make me more sad?" 

Then I dug some more and whoah wtf. They started accusing 2OD of being pro7 (which is true, right up to the announcement that Park Jaebum would officially never come back to 2PM/ONEDAY/JYPE) But now, 2OD is anti5, anti6, whatever the hell you want it to be called + 2AM + Jay. It's really obvious you can really tell that that site does not like 5PM/6PM. You can tell on how they title the translated articles. You can tell on how the people comment on the newspaper translated articles. It's all filled with sarcasm. If you have enough posts on the site and peep into the 2OD shoutbox, it's really quiet. It used to be really full and joyous all the time. I'm sometimes in there on somedays and it's like I'm talking to a wall. There are some moments when sbox is more alive like when the DJ is dj-ing the radio or there's some random sbox reunion told on twitter and we all flock over there.  

And the translating articles of 2PM. There are members on the site who are still supporters of 2PM. So the translators go on various Korean news site, music chart site, search engines, scouring for articles to translate- anything in relation to 2am, 2pm and Jay. It's not their fault that most of the news they find is mostly on 2PM because we all know that JYPE is doing anything to bring up 2PM's name however they can. It's all for media play. Is it our fault that 2AM is still underrated even with the MANY shows they are apart of, the world cup song they did, their new album, their CFs. Is it our fault that Jay has youtube and twitter- mediums that are more easily accessible to international fans that we don't need to wonder what's up with Jay. We just check his youtube page/twitter page and see his recent tweet/bulletin/video. 

And the tone of the translating. Their tone is neutral. And translators STILL GET HEAT for translating with a "jay bias". Members sent complaints to mods/admins/staffs EVERYDAY stating that so and so are bashing 2PM and they question why a site called 2ONEDAY meant for both 2pm and 2am, why there is so much hate towards 2pm! That's why they keep a neutral tone in translating. I also know for a fact that most of the translators are anti2pm. Especially the "ninjas" they don't like 2pm in anyway. They just do their job which is translating. The admins and staffs certainly only like Jay. I know one quit being a staff right after the conference and comes back occasionally to talk to people in sbox. 

Anyways back to the video. So the 7(?) part video was flagged down and commented to be taken down. The main translator aka one of the ninjas aka Jenny asked the kbumtists why it should be deleted and what parts they needed to be fixed. The KFans wouldn't have it any other way and they just wanted to delete it. Okay, so they deleted because if they didn't comply with their wishes, it would be hard for them to do projects with the different korean forums in the future. It was very hard for them because they spent so much time on it. I think they even retimed the video another time before it was officially gone on youtube to make sure nothing was actually wrong. So after that, you would think it's done right? But no, they want 2OD to delete every article related to 2PM and make it strictly a 2am and jay forum. I WAS LIKE WHOAH. BACK UP RIGHT THERE HOMIE. 

The site does respect the korean fans very highly. But we have our own ways of doing things okay. The site has a section entirely dedicated to Jay only. That section has a SPECIAL layout of a fully decked out Jay on the header. That layout was the main layout for about 2 months just when we knew Jay would never come back and it was an homage for what Jay did as a leader in 2PM. 2OD staff/admins/creative group(LOVE2AD) got a lot of hate for having that layout since it was a 2AM forum too. I don't think translators WANT to translate 2PM articles, but they do so because some members of 2OD still support 2PM. We still give bday gifts to 2PM because of them. We are basically catering to them because they STILL LIKE THEM AFTER THIS WHOLE THING. If you look at comparison to Wooyoung's bday project to Jay's bday project, you COULD tell RIGHT AWAY that more money and thought was spent on Jay's bday project. The gifts, the bday competition videos, the Teddy Bear project, etc, etc. 

What I'm trying to say is that, 2OD may seem like a pro7 site but we're not. We have to deal with the 2pm translated articles because there are people there who still like the present 2pm. You need to actually know what's going there. I suggest that you read a few articles. Read the comments and see what they write. Most of them are full of sarcasm, very little are positive/praising 2PM itself. I know that MANY members who still like 2PM choose not to go to 2OD because of the situation (how you can tell 2OD does not like 2pm even if it is a ONEDAY site) and they have moved to W2D. We can't just strip away 2PM completely just because after the whole conference. It's not as easy as how it is over there. We, international fans have no where to go to. It's only 2OD or W2D. You guys on the other hand, have multiple 2PM fancafes, individual member sites. We have none of that. 

I know this is a war. I may not know Jenny/Ivy/Belle/Yana/any of the translators who were affected or got offended by this on a close personal level like some of the friends I made over 2OD. I will back 2OD no matter how long it takes for you to understand it. You can't bring it down. This site has been up and running for 2 years. Although the founder doesn't come on often, she chose GREAT people that maintain it and please everyone's needs to the best of their abilities. (Can't you see that 2OD, no matter what they do, they're gonna get bashed? If they change the name=bashed. If they only send gifts to jay and 2am=bashed, stop translating 2pm articles=bashed, send 2pm and 2am bday gifts=bashed; either way they get bashed from both the people who like 2pm still and the people who want the best for Jay. We want the best for Jay too, DON'T YOU EVER GET THAT WRONG. We were there for him ever since Sept 4, 2009 until now.) 

I read that there will soon be korean tutorials on how to sign up on 2od and that they will try to destroy. BRING IT ON. BRING IT ON. I need some enlightenment in my life anyways. LOL. Summer is coming up too. I WILL BE SO DARN AMUSED. SEE YOU IN SBOX OKAY. OMFG. SBOX IS GONNA BE LIVEEEEE. CANNOT WAITTT. Or I can just lurk on the intro thread and see you all there. 

Another thing that pissed me off, Kfans don`t appreciate Ifans. ARE YOU KIDDING YOURSELVES. I heard that you guys didn't even bother to see if the translations were actually right and just went like "YAH, DELETE IT NOW. WE'RE GETTING A STUDENT WHO STUDIES OVERSEAS TO RETRANSLATE. SO DELETE IT. NAO. NAO. NAO. DELETE IT NAO. I'M HITLER. YOU WILL LISTEN TO ME." UHM. NO. 
Oversea student? I haven't met many who are Korean. I know that all of them are smart, esp. in math and that they all work hard. Do they have a good grasp in the English language? That I'm not quite sure. I remember one brother of a kpop star actually bashed on how korean overseas students don't even know English. I find that partial true. Not in Korean ones per se. But I do see it sometimes in other races. They get good marks in class but can't pronounce stuff to save their lives if they went to USA or London or Australia. Canada understands because we know that you might be facing culture shock and we accommodate this for you. There are free ESL programs, street signs in downtown are in chinese now. Major stores such as Walmart have Chinese underneath signs making it easier for newcomers to navigate throughout the store. 
So don't you pity us for our efforts. I know that the subbing/translating team is pretty kick ass in what they do. We have a translator for I think any language. Although Korean ones are always in demand, we have translators who know mandarin, cantonese, thai...  
I just thought of this... Do I see YOU helping out gyopos? NO. Do I see you helping out english teachers who are not korean, who do not know korean? NO. you simply just ignore them and talk about how you dislike anything except your own. I get how you are prideful of your culture. Every culture/race is. But it would be nice if you just don't ignore foreigners... or act shocked if you see a black person in korea. it's 2010 people not the middle ages. Oh yeah, and then you come to some western country and someone treats you badly and you talk smack about that country. SOMETHING CALLED KARMA'S A BITCH. 

I know that the concept of international fans seem foreign to you but trust us, we got it. Jay is debuting in the US market soon. He's gonna need us. You can't just do this to us, if you really do ruin us, you'll make many of us turn against his back and you know what happens? His attempt at this might be jeopardized. I sometimes think that it's not JYPE's fault that 2pm became broken. I sometimes think it's the fans themselves. Look okay, many people HATED Jay for what he said on his myspace. A lot of hate was aimed towards him in a matter of hours. Death petitions, telling him to go back to USA. So he does and then all of you start crying and sympathizing for him. And now, why do you choose to bring this matter up ONLY NOW? Why not in March? or April? but JUNE?! He's coming back to Seoul in a matter of days and you're making it difficult for him too. Because you're re translating it and releasing it where? Some Korean video sharing site? Very little people out of Korea will prolly even know what those sites are called, let alone check it. So what, Youtube? k yeah, youtube it'll be one of the recent videos. BRINGING THE WHOLE DAMN THING AGAIN AND RISKING HIS FUTURE. 

ps: 2OD'S translated audio thing didn't even have that many views. So why are you making such a big deal out of it. 
pps: another thing. I know that Koreans are very big on doing damage control. Like the type of "if you can't see it, if it's not talked about, it's not there or it never happened" Well, you're wrong. No matter what, if you deleted it and translated to make it sound more positive (stupidest reason ever) It still happened. You can't say that it never happened just because it's off youtube. There is evidence. He's not in 2PM anymore. The articles released from September until now mention his myspace scandal, sometimes. I think that Jay learned a lot from this. And that from this became a stronger person. People learn from their mistakes. Some of them need constant reminders to prevent them from falling back. This conference.This scandal. Is just one of them. Look at Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, they've fell before. Britney is okay while Lohan is still working at it. They've accpeted and embraced what they did. Miley Cyrus. She's young, makes many mistakes but that's how kids learn. 

UPDATE JUNE 5, 2010 
Whoever tweeted/commented on Jay's youtube page to fix this up. GROW UP. 
This is not his problem. It's 2od's vs. kbumtists adn jaypark.net. 
It's OUR problem. Let US fix this up. He doesn't need to be a frigging referee for every problem there is in this fandom. 
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