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18 May 2010 @ 06:44 pm
child hood memories ruined.  
ever heard of that phrase that a author's best works is usually when their high off something?
At first I didn't really care... because as long as it's not the stuff that I liked... I didn't care.
For example, my friend said the author of "Brave New World" was on some drug while he/she was writing the book.
The author of "Alice in Wonderland" was drunk, I think when he wrote it...
I've never read, watched any "Alice" movies. Yes, you heard right. Never have I watched ANY Alice movie. Not even the Disney ones okay.
Let alone the one that just came out recently.

Then on Monday. My chemistry teacher was surfing the net on his laptop while the class was doing work...
All of the sudden he just said "WOWWWW. Rober Munsch is a crack addict!"
The students were like "WHOAH. WHUTTTTT. MY CHILDHOODDDDDD!"
I loved reading his books so much. When I had my first reading buddy at school, I would always read Robert Munsch books to him/her and then Arthur. LOL.

Oh, wow. He's more than a crack addict... Wiki says in 2005, he talked about his bipolar disorder and now he's diagnosed as manic-depressive, OCD and a recovering cocaine addict and alcholic... WOWWWWW. I still love his stories no doubt. When I have kids, I'm gonna make sure that I read his books to them "The Paper Bag Princess" and "Murmel Murmel Murmel" and "50 Below Zero" and his other great works :)

I JUST read how Winnie the Pooh was "based on psychological problems"
I was like. what in the world are you talking about?! I love pooh. He's insecure that's why he's my favourite :) Just like me!
The person then starts listing all the problems each person has.
Pooh has an eating disorder... kay.. i'm kinda okay with that. as long as he's not starving himself but eating a bunch of honey. it's all good :)
Piglet, another favourite, has an anxiety disorder.
Eeyore has depression. This one makes sense. But I love Eeyore too <3 
Rabbit has OCD. This one actually makes sense.  
And get ready for it. 
Christopher Robin has schizophrenia... WTF. WTF WTF. I didn't pick this up. 
Is this telling me that... Christopher.. just saw all of this in his imagnation?! Poor him. But I've known others who are schizophrenic and their images are very terrifying. At least what he sees is more nice? 

My only hope is Arthur now. 
I've always loved Arthur. the books, the show. 
I still watch the show sometimes when I catch it on TV. LOL. 
It's a great show :) 
So Marc Brown, don't dissapoint me okay? 

in other news! 
Today is May 18th. A pretty good day :) School was pretty lax. 
I went to apply for another store and handed back my application at the store I went yesterday. 
I hope they give me an interview at least! 
Also. in Seattle, it's JR Celski Day. I'm so butthurt at the fact that I have missed yet ANOTHER opportunity to meet him ;_________; 
Nonetheless, I wish everyone a Happy JR Day! :D 
In like 3 hours... David Choi's music video, directed by Wong Fu Productions is coming outttttt! WOOT WOOT. 
Neil Patrick Harris is starring. ahaha. I remember watching him on "Malcolm in the Middle" 
Current Music: tell me goodbye - big bang!