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23 February 2011 @ 09:40 pm

-french class was really funny today, lots of funny and creepy stories
-guy: I look good in a suit... girl: you looked ugly at DECA... guy: well my mom says I look good >> LOL BURN.
-girl: xxxx cannot run in the halls because xxxx fails at turning sharp corners
-we just pick on this one guy in class because he always makes fun of others and always goes "that's what she said" every time he says that, his face has this expression of satisfaction. so weird lol
-teacher: I like that girl...in that movie... student: she's gonna say jessica alba. teacher: no, she does this /does something weird/ she's from xmen! student: I still think its jessica alba? teacher: yeah! student: that's fantastic 4, madame. teacher: wait... she's from xmen? student: halle barry? teacher: YEAH THAT'S THE ONE! student: that's catwoman!!!!
-student: On the wknd, I went to the movies to watch I Am Number Four. teacher: OMG. WAS IT GOOD? student: Yeah, the guy was so hot. teacher: I agree! How old is he? student: like 22 or 23? teacher: pshhhh. forget about that. /looks him up on laptop student: omg isn't he hottttt. teacher: ew no! that's not the guy. search up hayden... what's his name? student: HAYDEN CHRISTANSSEN (or however you spell his name idc) teacher: how old is he? student: whoah he's 29. SO OLDDDDD teacher: ohhhhh I'm gonna kill youuuuu HOW CAN U SAY 29 IS OLD? THEN WHAT AM I?
-creepy old teachers in elementary school LOL. the impersonations were so funny I actually wanna see the real person do it tho LMFAO

yeah that's all I can rmb from that class.
too much laughter and craziness that you forget.
OH. My teacher doesn't know who David Beckham is /facepalm/ You like good looking men and YOU DO NOT KNOW WHO BECKHAM IS?!?! HOW DO U EVEN DO THAT YO.
we got onto that topic b/c teacher mentioned the king's speech and this student was like omg I so love the prince... william? I like know everything about them even kate middleton! oh beckham is going to the wedding. so weird how they didn't invite obama.
student 2: why do they need to invite obama... student: cuz he's a world leader!!!! student 3: he don't play soccer that's why he got no invitation! teacher: obama's body is built! I saw pics of him on the beach and I was like whoahhh. same thing with michelle >> HHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA omg.

it's weird cuz she started out class with "Let me ask you guys a question in English. Does time exist?
And we got into a huge debate over it like how telling time is just a human invention but the rest of the universe doesn't have time like us. In my head I'm just like then why do we need to learn the past tense? le futur simple? le futur anterieur? futur proche? HUH MADAME HUH?!
yeah, our class can go from serious to hilarious instantly :) 

english... I had to do an in class test on lit crit... I was about to cry yo since I didn't know what the story/poem was talking about and I didn't start on my outline until the last 20 mins of class since it finally clicked into my head what it was talking about LOL. round 2 tomorrowwwwww! I hope it goes well. I hope I'll be able to finish the essay in an hour. :S

24 January 2011 @ 02:00 am
 So, I was in my room earlier tonight and our neighbour came to our house to talk to my mom. 
They were talking in cantonese, so I didn't know what they were talking about. Even if they were talking in mandarin, my comprehension would be limited since I'm still learning it at the moment. 

I do know that the family is facing many struggles. The wife got laid off a few weeks ago. The husband also got laid off from his job 2 or 3 weeks ago. They have two kids. One in 8th grade and the other who's 2 years old. The husband is going to go back to China soon, bring the 2 year old with him so his grandparents could take of him while he finds a job back in Canada.

I guess (ok, not guess, I heard my dad ask my mom what they were talking about) she came over because she found a temporary job and she was asking my mom if she could let the youngest child stay at our house on the days she was going to work. My mom wants to help her but can't because her daycare is under a franchise and it has specific regulations as to how many children under a certain age can go to our house in one day. My mom's daycare is at it's maximum capacity and her supervisor is scheduled this week to come at our house to do monthly visits. 

After that, they talked about other things... which I'm not sure of yet. I think she was talking about the hardships she faced ever since she moved to Canada and my mom shared some of our stories with her as well. Although I didn't understand what she said, I could hear the frustration and pain she had in her voice. 

It just made me realized that for every immigrant family that moves out of their home country... it took them a lot of guts to do it. 
They're leaving the comfort of their relatively good careers, immediate family and just the basic comfort of knowing the ins and outs of the city, the language, the owners of a store that we normally go to. It makes me think, if I would ever do that in the future. You know, after I'm done with school, would I just leave my family behind and go to a country that I don't really know what to expect and build my future there? I mean... I've always wanted to travel the world. I'm actually thinking of spending a year in Korea to teach English. Thinking and doing are 2 completely different things. I'm just wondering right now, if I would have the balls to actually do it. Part of me wants to, to experience something different, to know what it feels to live by yourself, to not have my parents nag me to study and eat my fruits, since the idea of living away from home... I won't get to experience that in the next 4 years because I'm going to a university downtown and I can just commute. 
But part of me is scared that I can't be able to do it. Because I don't know the language... and there never seems to be spare time where I can just learn Korean. The process to do everything is SO different, or so I hear. 

So, I don't know. 
K, I have to get back to studying. Wasted a whole 45 mins when I could be reviewing my notes. YIKES! 

20 December 2010 @ 07:29 pm
of my high school career! o.o
2010 sure was a roller coaster. with life and kpop in it self was dramatic, tearful but filled with many happy moments as well.
The past week have been fun! Classes were pretty chill. We had a pizza party in math class. Decorated gingerbread houses in bio class. Accouting Class, ppl just skipped half of it and the teacher didn't mind! On Wed-Thurs, I learned stuff in my other classes but we watched movies and Big Bang Theory in bio class LOL!

Family's making the best of what we have regardless that my dad's assistance from the government will end on Christmas Day. How ironic eh? But that's okay, He always provides. Even if we don't have enough money, we always have enough to pay all the bills and all the things that randomly pop up and we have to use money. We have people that always just randomly give us food or money even. It's funny, my dad said that even though he's not working, his bank account has a little more money compared to when he had a job. Truly blessed.

Yesterday, I went to a church Christmas Party. It was okay. As long as I get to go out of the house, it's all good.

But yeah... turns out all the tests that were supposed to happen before the break happened wasn't going to happen. I'm relieved because I reallyy didn't feel like doing ANYTHING last week. But I don't wanna study during Christmas break. WHO DOESN'T?!
I got my ISP Report due on Jan 2nd.
Bio test on Jan 6th. Bio ISP Presentation on Jan 10th.
Accounting Test- Jan 5th.

Not to mention, exam schedules came out BEFORE the break started. That means start reviewing, or trying to. Which knowing me, wouldn't happen. I need to do everything I can. The last push to make my marks the highest. I know that I'm not gonna get 100%, let alone 80-90% on the exams but I still need to try to get all my marks up by a bit. Even though I'll be retaking advanced functions, I still need to try. Even though it's impossible to make my mark anymore higher for bio, I still gotta do the reports, test, and assignments. Even though accounting is a drag, I plan it to be one of my top 6 marks, so I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING I CAN for it to be a decent mark.
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06 December 2010 @ 09:46 pm
I wrote my bio test today. /sighs
it was ... idk... ok? def screwed up multiple choice. the questions are just like WUT DA HAYLE.
and I felt like I was repeating myself too much about thermoregulation in the short answer section..
but idk what else she would've wants us to write...

like you're put into a room and u eat ice, your body temperature in ur ear decreases for a short moment and stabilizes again.

that is thermoregulation right? I know the ear has water and that keeps your balance when you're moving.. but that has nothing to do with eating ice and decreasing temp.

or maybe the endotherm question, I should've written about how above critical temperatures is more dangerous than below critical temp. but when you think about it, cold weather is more dangerous. hot, the body can cool down by drinking water. actually idek. imma ask ppl about it 2mrw. huhuhu there goes 3 marks!

i have a math quiz 2mrw... blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh whyyyyy.
i got back my accounting test though! this test is the best I've done thus far this semester in this course! It better raise my mark up!

so Christmas break is almost here :) YAYAYAYAY!
BUT! I got a load of crap to do. OY!
my math teacher says we might have a unit test before the break starts. nts: ask teacher WHEN the test might be. if it's on dec 14th, I can't go to my bio trip, which is a tour of a hospital! SO cool, we'll get to see the labour rooms, the hospital pharmacy, the disinfectant dept, the bacteria/sampling labs, the rooms they do xrays. dont wanna be a doctor but it's still pretty neat~

bio test= dec 16.

accounting test= dec 16. I talked to my teacher and told her that I alrd have a test on thursday and the ONLY reason why it's on thurs b/c ppl said no one shows up on the friday before a break starts. partially true, BUT I DO. /geek and this one gurl is leaving to vegas on fri so she HAS to write it before she leaves...
there is the option of writing it AFTER the break and I was like  HELL NO. So she told me that I could write it on Friday if I really need to. ^.^V

OMFG. I just rmbed that I have something else due on the 16th. fml!

bio isp formal report part 2... OY OY OY! my group is trying to ace this project and get a really high mark since we need ANYTHING to help raise the mark, esp me! Still sitting on C+ -.-"

but dec 17th... bio class is decorating gingerbread houses :) cannot waitttt.
and on the 14th I have a art council christmas party :)
15th, UYC SOCIAL! skating and getting fat after :) 

my church friends are also planning to go do cheese fondue during our break om nom nom!

other than that, I'm planning to start reviewing for my exams... esp prep on bio and math!
prolly gonna have a practical test in jan. and prepare for our ISP presentation too (2 days after break is over EEP!).
idek if I can watch playful kiss...
I gotta pay for my uni and college apps too. oh what fun~
27 November 2010 @ 11:23 pm
2 boys were watching dora the explorer. The doorbell rang. One of the mothers arrived to pick one of the boys up.
He wanted to watch the show so he started to tell his mom to "go away" and started to cry to.
The other boy stood up, ran to greet his friend's mom. Ran back to his friend and told him "Be nice to mommy! Be nice to mommy!"

The boy started to cry even more and the other boy started to get frustrated and started to say "Don't be rude to your mommy!!!!!"

I was so touched hearing this. This boy, has respect for his mother and other mothers. I hope he continues to always respect and love his mother when he grows up. Even when he thinks he's too old to hug his mother, he still will.
21 November 2010 @ 10:29 pm
so on friday while we were waiting for my friend's dad to open the door to the house...
one of my friends said "i am inert"
I went "what's inert?" because my vocabulary list is not that vast.... >_<
so my friend explains and another friend goes "did you know what it meant before she explained it?"
and I said "Yes... well... I know what it is after she explained it to me"
I clearly said no. she asked if I had the slightest clue about it and I was like "I know it has to do with physics since I hear it on the Bill Nye intro song thing" and another friend goes "EXACTLY, YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT IT MEANS"

and she proceeds to run to me and hug me really tightly.
I almost fell over LOL. She like pounced on me and squeezed me so damn tight. My friends saw this and was like oh if you ever get into fight with her, she'll just squash you ahhahaha.

Thank goodness my balance is slightly better than my hand eye coordination ;)
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15 November 2010 @ 10:04 pm
you are so shady.
at first, I thought you were cool and all but damnnnn. you are messed up in the head.
how could you even treat a relative of yours that way?
making the person feel worthless and basically losing her trust in you. her family.
you don't even help her in anyway after.
you just keep your distance from her... as if you guys don't even know each other.

not only that, just because some people care for her you gotta assume, make up stories and use somebody else's name to trash around? come on man, you are like 50something why don't you take care of your family first before you question others, specifically mine's. I mean, I know for a fact that your daughter is screwing around with men before she's married. yeah, tell me how's that right, huh?

funniest thing is that you wanted to fight him. LMAOOOOO, are you serious dude? you know him right? you guys were best buddies. first, he's bigger than you. second, he can finish you off with his knowledge of kung fu and pressure points.

don't play around with him. don't test his patience. you best be glad that nothing happened to your ass. Even with the things you've done to him before. He could have done real damage to you. You best be glad that there were bystanders willing to hold him up and calm him down.

and if you're so confident in what you claim is the truth, why you gotta hide in your car after the confrontation?

so soft.
so pathetic.

06 October 2010 @ 12:37 am
Sister told me this story that happened in her drama class.
Her class was playing the picnic game.
So this guy's name starts with the letter S. When is was his turn,  he goes "I want to bring oranges to the picnic."

If you've played the picnic game before... you would know that you HAD to say something that matches the letter of your fist name... this person didn't get the pattern.

So the teacher says "I'm sorry, you can't come to the picnic."
The next kid's name starts with the letter O. So he says "I want to bring oranges to the picnic."
Teacher says "See you at the picnic" or whatever...


The class laughs.

He ends this with "It's because I'm black right?"


no, it's not because you're black. if you paid attention to the instructions or used your brain to realize the pattern, you would understand why you cannot come to the picnic, foo.


HEY! updated pretty early huh?!
yeah, well I have a bio test tomorrow huhuhu on biochemistry huhuhuhu.
I kinda despise this unit because it involves chemistry. I dropped that course for a reason so I wouldn't want to see it on anything else, thank you very much.  It has a wide array of information... from like water proteins, to carbohydrates, to lipids, reactions, electronegativity, cell structures, nucleic acids, enzymes, osmosis, diffusion, passive/facilatated/bulk/active transport.

so overwhelming AI YA.
doesn't want make me to studyyyyyy!

9 hours until the test! less than 8 hours till school starts.

I missed glee tonight too. So I'm less motivated. ARGH

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27 September 2010 @ 02:20 pm

"Nah. If we ask Jenna, we'll have to watch Mary Poppins," I say. It isn't nice, but I'm not feeling nice. I have this bone deep ticked-offness, like those days when no clothes look right and your jeans are too tight, and you feel so negative you know yuo're going to end up working in a 7-Eleven the rest of your life, with only an occasionally robbery to look forward to for excitement." The Nature of Jade by Deb Caletti

This happens to me so many times... I can't even count how many times anymore.
I'm just pissed for no apparent reason. I get mad at everyone. Sarcasm is my best friend and I make snarky comments like no tomorrow.

And it's more than just about the future... it can just be about like idk.. what someone said to me... or that I failed a test and it just sets the tone for the rest of the day. After that, I just start thinking about the future, thus the 7-Eleven part.

All of this is true except the robbing a bank part LOL. I'm not capable of doing that. Even if I was apart of something like this... I would just freak out myself and give in to the police...

On that note, sorry I haven't been updating. Sorry I haven't been able to blog about things I've wanted to blog since last May. Too busy catching up with shows, kpop, trying to get a job and etc, etc. Also, school has started. 3rd week this Wednesday... starting to get busy. this week I have a accounting test tomorrow and a math test on wednesday. oh my ISP outline is due today @11:59PM. I'm also trying to be on more after school clubs... haven't committed a club ever since grade 9 ended because of co-op and stuff. I'm also NOT trying to sleep too late... it's working well so far. Slept at midnight only like once ROFL. I hope I can keep this up until the end of June.

Oh, did anyone watch amazing race last night? I missed the first hour... and I think I'm going to miss at least 30 mins or something since I have mandarin classes that time... Regardless, rooting for TEAM JUMBA!!!!

Ok, I'm gonna end this and catch up on my math homework/study for accounting

21 July 2010 @ 03:48 am

I adore B.o.B's song.
Was not aware it trended on twitter lol. I discovered this song through another blog and thought it was epic :)
I literally had the song on replay a few days. A few weeks later, it starts playing on the radio. I did get excited but then after like 2 weeks... got over the song. I don't even listen to the song anymore personally... only when I turn on the radio and it comes out. Or when I'm watching MUCHmusic countdown and it plays... or sometimes... idk i'm on MUCH and it's just playing music videos and every. flipping. time. I switch to MUCH it seems to be playing the freaking video T.T
Or when I'm watching Pretty Little Liars or whenever I'm watching the TV and BAM the Charlie St. Cloud trailer plays and bam goes the song... /sigh.
I'm real happy for B.o.B. Getting great recognition ever since Nothing on You came out.

He talks about facebook... well I'm not facebook that much so I wasn't there when everyone was putting it as their statuses... I get it if one or two people like it but having YOUR ENTIRE FRIEND'S LIST putting the same lines as their status... LIKE WOW. unoriginal much? THERE'S SOMETHING CALLED THE LIKE BUTTON, BITCH! But whenever I go on facebook, I don't see it anymore, thank goodness!

I actually liked the song, NOT because I want to wish on a airplane. GOSH NO.
I liked the song because of b.o.b's parts. I found his parts more enjoyable than the chorus...

my faves:
I could use a dream or a genie or a wish
To go back to a place much simpler than this
Cause after all the partyin’ and smashin’ and crashin’
And all the glitz and the glam and the fashion
And all the pandemonium and all the madness
There comes a time where you fade to the blackness
And when you’re staring at that phone in your lap
And you hoping but them people never call you back
But that’s just how the story unfolds

Then maybe yo maybe I’ll go back to the days
Before the politics that we call the rap game
And back when ain’t nobody listened to my mix tape
And back before I tried to cover up my slang
But this is for Decatur, what’s up Bobby Ray
So can I get a wish to end the politics
And get back to the music that started this sh-t

so to everyone who still listens to this song, GET OVER THE DAMN SONG! ahemradiotalkingtoyournahem!

i dont have a yt acount... but i really want to request any gaga songs or like love the way to lie..
gaga.. well i'm not fond of her for my own reasons I don't want to explain in this same blog entry.
i like the song love the way you lie. rihanna's voice balanaces it out but its getting ruined by the radio.
maybe i should stop listening to radio.. LOL. no, that would be horrible...what am i supposed to listen to while I workout or do my hmk!?
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