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20 December 2010 @ 07:29 pm
last christmas break  
of my high school career! o.o
2010 sure was a roller coaster. with life and kpop in it self was dramatic, tearful but filled with many happy moments as well.
The past week have been fun! Classes were pretty chill. We had a pizza party in math class. Decorated gingerbread houses in bio class. Accouting Class, ppl just skipped half of it and the teacher didn't mind! On Wed-Thurs, I learned stuff in my other classes but we watched movies and Big Bang Theory in bio class LOL!

Family's making the best of what we have regardless that my dad's assistance from the government will end on Christmas Day. How ironic eh? But that's okay, He always provides. Even if we don't have enough money, we always have enough to pay all the bills and all the things that randomly pop up and we have to use money. We have people that always just randomly give us food or money even. It's funny, my dad said that even though he's not working, his bank account has a little more money compared to when he had a job. Truly blessed.

Yesterday, I went to a church Christmas Party. It was okay. As long as I get to go out of the house, it's all good.

But yeah... turns out all the tests that were supposed to happen before the break happened wasn't going to happen. I'm relieved because I reallyy didn't feel like doing ANYTHING last week. But I don't wanna study during Christmas break. WHO DOESN'T?!
I got my ISP Report due on Jan 2nd.
Bio test on Jan 6th. Bio ISP Presentation on Jan 10th.
Accounting Test- Jan 5th.

Not to mention, exam schedules came out BEFORE the break started. That means start reviewing, or trying to. Which knowing me, wouldn't happen. I need to do everything I can. The last push to make my marks the highest. I know that I'm not gonna get 100%, let alone 80-90% on the exams but I still need to try to get all my marks up by a bit. Even though I'll be retaking advanced functions, I still need to try. Even though it's impossible to make my mark anymore higher for bio, I still gotta do the reports, test, and assignments. Even though accounting is a drag, I plan it to be one of my top 6 marks, so I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING I CAN for it to be a decent mark.
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