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06 December 2010 @ 09:46 pm
tests quizzes tests!  
I wrote my bio test today. /sighs
it was ... idk... ok? def screwed up multiple choice. the questions are just like WUT DA HAYLE.
and I felt like I was repeating myself too much about thermoregulation in the short answer section..
but idk what else she would've wants us to write...

like you're put into a room and u eat ice, your body temperature in ur ear decreases for a short moment and stabilizes again.

that is thermoregulation right? I know the ear has water and that keeps your balance when you're moving.. but that has nothing to do with eating ice and decreasing temp.

or maybe the endotherm question, I should've written about how above critical temperatures is more dangerous than below critical temp. but when you think about it, cold weather is more dangerous. hot, the body can cool down by drinking water. actually idek. imma ask ppl about it 2mrw. huhuhu there goes 3 marks!

i have a math quiz 2mrw... blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh whyyyyy.
i got back my accounting test though! this test is the best I've done thus far this semester in this course! It better raise my mark up!

so Christmas break is almost here :) YAYAYAYAY!
BUT! I got a load of crap to do. OY!
my math teacher says we might have a unit test before the break starts. nts: ask teacher WHEN the test might be. if it's on dec 14th, I can't go to my bio trip, which is a tour of a hospital! SO cool, we'll get to see the labour rooms, the hospital pharmacy, the disinfectant dept, the bacteria/sampling labs, the rooms they do xrays. dont wanna be a doctor but it's still pretty neat~

bio test= dec 16.

accounting test= dec 16. I talked to my teacher and told her that I alrd have a test on thursday and the ONLY reason why it's on thurs b/c ppl said no one shows up on the friday before a break starts. partially true, BUT I DO. /geek and this one gurl is leaving to vegas on fri so she HAS to write it before she leaves...
there is the option of writing it AFTER the break and I was like  HELL NO. So she told me that I could write it on Friday if I really need to. ^.^V

OMFG. I just rmbed that I have something else due on the 16th. fml!

bio isp formal report part 2... OY OY OY! my group is trying to ace this project and get a really high mark since we need ANYTHING to help raise the mark, esp me! Still sitting on C+ -.-"

but dec 17th... bio class is decorating gingerbread houses :) cannot waitttt.
and on the 14th I have a art council christmas party :)
15th, UYC SOCIAL! skating and getting fat after :) 

my church friends are also planning to go do cheese fondue during our break om nom nom!

other than that, I'm planning to start reviewing for my exams... esp prep on bio and math!
prolly gonna have a practical test in jan. and prepare for our ISP presentation too (2 days after break is over EEP!).
idek if I can watch playful kiss...
I gotta pay for my uni and college apps too. oh what fun~